As an only child, I was born into a family of Alpha overachievers. My Mom, International First Chair Violin, guided me through a creative and artistic path by taking me on tours with the bests of Classical and Operatic Music, Russian Ballet, Theater and Art of mystical stage, gorgeous costumes and decorations. My Father, ambitious Hydro-Nuclear Engineer, with second degree in Law and prominent political career later in life, announced the “end of my childhood” when I turned 3, and sent me on a path of mindful independence and fearless achievements in education and career…”

Multinational, multilingual and multitalented, ELEGRA was born in Russia and raised in Germany. She attended schools in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Russia and the US.

As a former actress, director/producer, model, fashion designer, financier and International business owner and consultant, ELEGRA lived  and worked in Europe: Switzerland, Italy, France, Monte Carlo, Germany, Russia, Spain, Greece, and throughout South and North America.

When Art became her destination, class-act artist took her diverse cross-cultural background and expressed the mesmerizing complexity on canvas with bright splashes of vibrance and passion.

ELEGRA entertains variety of mediums and styles, but her primary focus remains Figurative Contemporary Expressionism with a touch of imaginary Abstract.

I am romantic, idealist and deeply emotional person. Art is my love, my passion and my dream world, where I can be myself – a happy kid in a toy store! My canvases are my stories, expressions of my feelings, absorbed cultural experiences and observations.

Some time ago I stopped worrying about what others perceive of me…it was just a matter of their “boundaries”, and I stopped being interested in the opinions of those who didn’t believe in me or didn’t share my enthusiasm, my passion for life and daredevil confidence.

Je suis qui je suis! I am who I am.”