A Gift of Sensuality

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world, lived in Asia for over 25 years and Europe, most recently, for 8 years.

My international experiences have exposed me to the beauty of the world, different cultures, their architecture, their foods and their art.

I have been fortunate enough to have met some of the great modern artists and been part of cultural events that brought extraordinary new artists and their works to the global markets.

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to meet this beautiful, creative, vivacious, exotic woman that lives life and expresses herself through her exceptional style and refinement.

It’s one thing to be beautiful and physically gifted but it’s a totally different thing when woman wears her femininity with unbridled sensuality.

From the moment I met this woman I was totally enamored with her and with watching her move through life with such fluidity and grace.

Her paintings are the physical manifestations of her sensitivity, passions and femininity.

A woman that openly challenges life through her uninhibited sexuality while expressing herself through her art.
Art should evoke emotions and cause the soul to stir with wonder and desire.

The art of Elegra is stimulating and provocative… Enjoy!”

Kenneth Jeffrey Rice
Int’l Consulting Services, Investor, Strategist, Business
Development, Marketing & Strategic Alliances – Acquisitions

When I think of Elena, the first word that strikes me is STRENGTH. That translates into a trifecta of physical, mental and emotional. And, I’d say this is the core of how she both creates art, and offers it as a showcase.

I have an advantage over most in that I’ve known Elena for roughly ten years. In that time I have seen her strategically reinvent herself with uncommon nimbleness and focus of purpose. All the while she maintains a steely wit, measured compassion, and a zest and flair for life that clearly inspires people around her. My Grandad often said, that, ‘if you must judge a man, do it by those around him’. So, it makes sense that Elena attracts people to her like a beacon. She sheds light on beautiful things with an interpretation that rewards the practiced eye – and also the novice that simply recognizes what they like.

With all that said, I’m genuinely thrilled that Elena has found a niche doing something that allows her to leverage her passion for people, life and creativity. This is something she can do all of her days. And, it’s likely we will all be the better for it.”

brian patrick cork
“Cultural Architect” | Best-of-Class Recruiting |
Business and Executive Coaching | Investor

Elegra is an exceptionally talented artist. Elegra’s artwork is full of life and love. 

She creates pieces that are incredibly vibrant, colorfully expressive and exhibit perfectly the beauty and elegance that is Elegra, and makes beautiful works of art that leave one feeling inspired and awakened.”

Shane Townley
Director / Owner Townley Gallery
Co-Owner- LGOCA- Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art